The charming Nieuwkapelle is a rustic polder village in the Westhoek. It's a small village with 150 houses and a small number of 400 inhabitants, a village school, a few pubs and a barbershop. The regional road N364 runs through the village centre. If you turn left on this regional road (after leaving the farmhouse) you arrive in Diksmuide. If you turn to the right it brings you to the picturesque Lo-Reninge.



Diksmuide lies in the middle of the Flemish Westhoek, a destination filled with sheer wonder. The cloth industry and dairy production once made this town rich. Hence we can still discover surprisingly picturesque corners while walking - the Citylink - through the old town. Many monuments, cemeteries and trenches remind us of the horror of the First World War 1914-1918. In the trench of death and the iron tower the front comes back to life and the statue of the mourning parents bring the message of peace. The endless views invite you to walk, ride your bicycle or to take a boat trip on the Yser. You will pass through enchanting villages, experience the openness of the region and admire the protected nature areas.
Everyone certainly enjoys our regional gastronomy and the cosy atmosphere, especially during our many special events.
You can spend the night in Diksmuide on the countryside as well as in the wonderful city centre. Diksmuide is only 15 km away from the North Sea, which is perfect for a trip or a short holiday.




Lo-reninge has a rich historical past and the gastronomy is very famous. Definitely worth a visit!

http://www.lo-reninge.be of http://www.lauka.be 



The Westhoek knows how to charm the tourists, from nature or culture lover to real gastronomes. You would like to overwhelm yourselves by this fascinating region?
Please be sure to take a look on  http://www.toerismewesthoek.be of http://www.vlaanderen-vakantieland.be (Groene Regio’s - Westhoek).






The Westhoek is know as a hiking and biking paradise, but also has other sport assets. Canoe, kayak, boat trips, traditional games, rafting,... In short, for every sports fan's taste.

Discover the full range of the Westhoek ( as well as several walking and cycling routes) on http://toerismewesthoek.be (Actief beleven) or in Diksmuide on  http://www.diksmuide.be/toerisme (Recreatie & Natuur).






Even culture lovers find their taste in the Westhoek.

Alone in the nearby Diksmuide you will find numerous monuments, museums and other attractions. We recommend the City Link, a walk along the city's most picturesque corners. Rivets on the ground indicate the trail of 3.2 km of. Experience also war and peace (1914 - 1918) by a visit to the Iron Tower, Dodengang and Military cemeteries. 

On http://toerismewesthoek.be there is a list of all the cultural attractions in the Westhoek.





Food and drinks

The local regional products will surely appeal to you, from a tasty beer to Diksmuidse butter cakes and local cheeses. You can start testing them in the numerous cafés and restaurants, or take a look how they are produced in local breweries, farms and vineyards. For some addresses we refer you to http://toerismewesthoek.be

The addresses in the following section "personally tested" have already been tested by the owner and approved by him and his family.

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